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Welcome to the DLNET.ORG Cloud documentation wiki. We offer privately hosted email (with your own domain name), calendar synchronization, file hosting and more.

No account yet? See pricing. For an example of how your cloud portal could look like, see For a demo of Roundcube, our email and calendar web client, go here.

Getting started[edit]

If you have just received your account details, the following pages may be of interest to you.

For a handy overview of all services, go to (for an example, see [1]).

External documentation[edit]

The DLNET.ORG Cloud makes use of open source software. See List of software for an overview. Each of the software packages used has its own documentation online. In particular, the following resources will be of use:

What to do in case of downtime[edit]

If you cannot reach your email or other services, the server may be down. There is no need to worry: any email sent to you will be received by the backup server, and the issue will usually be quickly resolved. Prolonged downtime is very rare, but if it happens, feel free to contact User:Lennart. If the server is down you can reach me at my backup email address,

Philosophy and technical information[edit]

DLNET.ORG Cloud is inspired by a philosophy of being owner of your data. See Server information for technical details about our setup.

Editing the Wiki[edit]

Users of the DLNET.ORG Cloud are invited to participate in this wiki. You are welcome to update incorrect information, make the documentation easier to follow and add tutorials. Anonymous users will be asked to answer an anti-spam question before each edit. The questions will go away if you create an account and verify your email address.

Power users[edit]

It is possible to use your cloud for additional services like hosting a web site. You can get SSH access to your linux container. Contact me for more information.