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Hi! I am the main developer and system administrator of the DLNET.ORG Cloud. DLNET.ORG started many years ago as a web hosting company. However, one-man hosting companies were never a lucrative business, so after 8 years I decided to stop accepting new customers. I discovered that there is something even more fun than web hosting: email hosting. After many years of experience with complicated email setups for myself and a couple of web hosting clients, I came to know a lot about the world of email and its main protocol SMTP. I now want to use this experience to allow others to move their personal data out of the big US companies and into a local server ran by their most trusted friend! (See Philosophy.)


For inquiries about DLNET.ORG Cloud, you can reach me at If the server is down, you can reach me at (warning: emails sent to this address will be readable by Google HQ). If you have my mobile number, you can also send me a text message.