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Our main physical server is located in a data center in The Netherlands and is owned by User:Lennart. Its address is

The server runs Linux Containers. Each user has a container with a full Debian installation. The user containers only have an IPv6 address, unless they pay for an IPv4 address. Therefore, all services (HTTP, SMTP and IMAP) are proxied via also does spam checking for incoming mail and is responsible for HTTPS encryption. Its outgoing email is routed via Amazon Web Services. This is necessary, at the moment, because large email providers like Google have a tendency to mark emails as spam that come from servers with low sending volumes. Outgoing mail with an empty envelope sender (autoreplies and bounces) goes directly to the recipient's MX. is a dedicated server hosted by OVH (France). Its only purpose is to temporarily store incoming email when is down.

List of software

This is an incomplete list of software that is used to run the DLNET.ORG Cloud.

Server capacity

  • The server's CPU is a hexacore Intel Xeon E5-2630 V2. There is a possibility to add an extra CPU if needed.
  • There is currently 24GB of RAM installed. It is possible to add up to 384GB ram.
  • The server has two 2TB SATA drives in software RAID.
    • In case the HDDs become a bottleneck, I will install two SSDs used for OS data, VPS'es and incoming mail. The HDDs will store files, archived mail and media.
  • We have a 100 Mbps uplink.