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The Kolab Web Admin Panel is used for managing the Kolab groupware suite. To use it, request administrator privileges from User:Lennart.

Adding domains

For a domain to properly function, various settings need to be changed by the server administrator. Always send an email to support@dlnet.org.

Nevertheless, you can add the domain inside your own environment using Kolab-webadmin. Under Domains, you can add email domains. To do so, do not click on "Add domain". Rather, click on your main domain and click "+" to add another domain name to the list.

Adding users and email addresses

Under Users, you can create new user accounts. Please consult with User:Lennart before you give other people access to the server.

If you just want to be able to user another email address with your existing account: click on your user name, and add a "Secondary email address". Then click "Submit". You also need to add the email address in your mail client, or the webmail client.

Changing your password

If you just want to change your own password, use webmail. Go to Settings -> Password.

To change the password of another user, log in to Kolab-webadmin. Click on the user and select the System tab. Enter the password twice and click on Submit.