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The Kolab Web Admin Panel is used for managing the Kolab groupware suite. To use it, request administrator privileges from User:Lennart.

Adding domains[edit]

For a domain to properly function, various settings need to be changed by the server administrator. Always send an email to support@dlnet.org.

Nevertheless, you can add the domain inside your own environment using Kolab-webadmin. Under Domains, you can add email domains. To do so, do not click on "Add domain". Rather, click on your main domain and click "+" to add another domain name to the list.

Adding users and email addresses[edit]

Under Users, you can create new user accounts. Please consult with User:Lennart before you give other people access to the server.

If you just want to be able to user another email address with your existing account: click on your user name, and add a "Secondary email address". Then click "Submit". You also need to add the email address in your mail client, or the webmail client.

Changing your password[edit]

If you just want to change your own password, use webmail. Go to Settings -> Password.

To change the password of another user, log in to Kolab-webadmin. Click on the user and select the System tab. Enter the password twice and click on Submit.